The official CARF letter came in last week and I can confirm Kardel has received the highest accreditation timeframe of three years once again!  This is a credit to all of our stakeholders who make Kardel the organization we are.  The CARF Survey team made particular reference to strengths in the following areas:
  • Kardel employs energetic and qualified staff members who are fully dedicated to the organization’s mission, which enhances the quality of life for persons served.  The high caliber of the organization’s operations and services starts “at the top” with the visionary executive officer who is well known for responding to the support needs of persons served in an increasingly large geographical service footprint.  The strong leadership team is also committed to continuous quality improvement.
  • Large, beautiful pictorial representations of the strategic plan displayed on walls throughout Kardel’s administrative facility serve as constant reminders of the organization’s mission, vision, values, and strategic goals. Other wall posters created by the same artist graphically illustrate rights of the persons served and the organization’s service menu.
  • Kardel effectively utilizes its ShareVision information management system by customizing it for entering, tracking, and reporting on the variety of data generated through health and safety drills and inspections, critical incident reports, strategic plan implementation progress, and performance management.  The organization also finds many additional uses for ShareVision that have led to better methods for communicating internally and externally.
  • The Futures program facilitates community involvement with a high degree of choice for the persons served.  Significant among the options provided is volunteer work at a local community centre where persons served receive a monthly stipend from a grant program for their work preparing and packaging food and cleaning toys to be made available to local children.  Noteworthy social enterprise efforts undertaken by persons served in the Futures program include picking up items for recycling at a local condominium project, a portion of the proceeds from which are donated to local charities.  The Futures program also facilitates a wide variety of other recreational and volunteer opportunities.
  • Kardel’s Individual Support Network (ISN) provides a flexible, versatile, and highly individualized service option to meet the unique needs of persons served with complex needs, and those who might not desire or easily benefit from traditional day programs and supported living services.
  • The organization’s residential programs provide supports to persons served with a wide array of complex physical and medical needs. The homes are clearly designed to meet the needs of persons served, including ample accessibility-related equipment, and to maintain a comfortable and personalized environment.
  • The organization’s community partnerships and collaborations are highly valued.  Staff members diligently work to maintain and broaden these and other relationships with stakeholders across the communities it serves.
  • The organization’s commendable job of matching Home Share Providers and persons served has resulted in the development of many long-term relationships.  The ongoing support and open communication that characterize Home Share services ensure that quality services are ongoing.  Many person served stated that they love Kardel because “It is one big family.  It’s really not my family, but it sure feels like it is.  I love Kardel!”
To view the full report please click here.
We should all be proud of our performance between the last CARF survey and now and more importantly the continuing excellent service we provide to all the people we support.
Many thanks