five starsFinding Dory




About the movie:  It’s about Dory looking for her family

  • She ran into crabs, fish and an octopus while trying to find her mom and dad
  • She reconnected with her friend Destiny who is a whale
  • Marlin and Nemo, the clown fish, helped Dory find her parents
  • After a truck flew into the ocean she found her parents

Favourite parts: 

  • When Dory found her parents
  • The funny sea lions defending their rock


  • The movie had good music
  • It was very funny
  • The whales


  • None!

Favourite character:  Dory

Would you go see this movie again?  Definitely!!!

Additional comments:  Ellen DeGeneres (Dory) was funny!!!

Favourite sayings:  “Just keep swimming”, “There’s always another way”

By Greg O’Connell